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The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI) is on the leading edge of modern psychotherapy with our brand new coursework leading to the Certified Sex & Couples Therapist certification. The Certified Sex and Couples Therapy (CSCT) curriculum provides forward-looking training that addresses the emerging field of integrative relational psychotherapy.

Tammy Nelson, PhD

Integrative Therapy for Healing

Intimate Relationships

Become recognized as a master practitioner with expertise in helping clients transform their sex, intimacy and relationship issues through this integrative approach. 


The Certified Sex and Couples Therapy (CSCT) curriculum provides cutting-edge training in sex therapy and couples therapy for optimal success as a clinician working with couples and individuals around relationships and sexual intimacy.

Gain what so few clinicians offer - In the respective fields of couples the ability to excel at couple’s therapy and sex therapy from an integrative and alternative approach.

The CSCT program accomplishes this by assuring the mastery of well-established couples therapy techniques along with traditional sex therapy practices and then adds uniquely designed integrative courses.

The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI) program was founded and curated by Dr. Tammy Nelson, leader and expert in the field.  International students are welcome!. The CSCT program offers a complete program of advanced training that includes:

  • Sex therapy

  • Relationship therapy

  • Integrative therapy 

  • Cutting edge interventions

  • Flexible pathways with and live online courses

  • SAR available yearly, included in your program

Start your CSCT Journey Today
& Transform Your Clients' Lives

You may be eligible to accelerate your certification with up to 30 hours of transfer credits from approved training programs. Renew every 3 years with 18 hours of coursework. Check here for more info. 

Total Hours
Category 1
Sex Therapy
Category 2
Couples Therapy
Category 3
Integrative Therapy
+ Supervision Hours

Coursework through the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute focuses on a balanced blend of three main categories of study. Certification requires 109 hours advanced training comprised of:

Now that You Have Gotten All of The Information, You Can Register Here:


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