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The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI) is the expert in creating modern developmental programs and learning communities. ISTI has the resources and integrative training you need on your path to certification and advanced degrees. ISTI fully integrates techniques, theory, and practice in both sexuality and relationships as part of our unique approach to elevating the work you do. We provide the support, experience, and complete program to change therapy to meet the modern relationship.


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Track 1 | ISTI CSCT$333.25
Duration: 12 monthsSessions: Unlimited

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How Does It Work?

All the training required for certification is offered in live, interactive, scheduled sessions, allowing optimal learning in a professional community. However, schedules may occasionally conflict, and if you miss a live session, you can substitute a variety of recorded courses available to you at no additional charge as a registered student. 

Our Certification program is open to those who have completed their master's degree and are licensed and insured mental health professionals. Even if you're working towards these qualifications, you're welcome to start the coursework. However, a license is required to begin the supervision portion of the Certification requirement.

Step 1

Choose the Track that matches your goals.

Step 2

Open an account and pay online.

Step 3

Get started with online education courses!

No more than 50% of coursework can be comprised of recorded courses.

Step 4

SAR Course (14 hours) sign up; required course offered live only.

Step 5

Begin supervision (after 25 hours completed CE Certificates)

Step 6

Apply for Certification! 

When approved, begin using your new credential(s)!


How Do I Fulfill My Requirements?

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