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ISTI offers individual classes and complete sessions that continually meet the challenging and changing social trends through specially designed programs developed by Dr. Tammy Nelson, an internationally recognized expert, author, lecturer, and thought leader.  Attending these courses allows practitioners from all backgrounds to discover their own best selves while under the guidance of some of the most respected names in the industry.

You can blend online coursework with in-person sessions.

Each certification track varies in its focus, coursework, and supervision requirements. If you don’t know which certification to pursue, you can take courses one at a time and decide on credentialing later.

Track 1 ISTI Certified Sex and Couples Therapist provides a modern certification covering sex therapy and couples therapy in each course. In addition, ISTI includes a third category of knowledge for alternative modalities and integrated topics.

Track 3 DUAL ISTI Certified Sex and Couples Therapist / AASECT Certified Sex Therapist provides the benefits of both AASECT and ISTI requirements. Coursework counts toward both certifications at the same time. There is a difference of 45 hours between the CSCT and the AASECT certifications.

All certifications require participation in supervision to build upon the knowledge gained in the courses and apply the material in meaningful ways to your practice. Students may choose their own supervisors.

Track 2 AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (or Counselor) provides a comprehensive certification covering human sexuality and specific coursework within the Sex Therapist or Sex Counselor area. This certification includes a small number of couples therapy hours.


Certified Sex and Couples Therapist (CSCT)

The highly renowned and respected Certified Sex and Couples Therapy (CSCT) 109-hour curriculum meets the ever-evolving needs of clinicians to provide therapy successfully to clients struggling with intimate relationships.  Dr. Tammy Nelson developed a highly effective integrative approach that uses cutting-edge techniques. The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute (ISTI) is on the leading edge of modern psychotherapy with our brand new coursework leading to the Certified Sex & Couples Therapist certification.

The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute offers a comprehensive, highly valued training program in the field of sex and relationship therapy. Professionals from across the globe seek out this coursework and Certification to be the best they can be as sex and couples therapists.


The CSCT Certification will give you:

  • Cutting-edge knowledge and skills in Sex Therapy and Sexuality counseling

  • Mastery of well-established and respected Couples Therapy interventions

  • Practical techniques to integrate these practices to improve client outcomes

  • Alternative treatment approaches

  • Integrative methods and regularly updated content to reflect current trends in human sexuality and couples therapy


Dr. Tammy Nelson personally curates this training for content and involves expert professional trainers for a diverse experience. ISTI offers certification for counselors as well to become a Certified Integrative Sex and Couples Counselor (CISCC). 


Transform your career and your clients' lives with the CSCT Certification. Gain the expertise and confidence you've been seeking by signing up today! 

Certification requires 109 hours of advanced training.


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