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Michael Vigorito

Michael Vigorito is a sex therapist, author and consultant. As a psychotherapist, he provides individual, couples and group psychotherapy for a range of sexual and behavioral health concerns: consensual sexual behavior problems, relationship and sexual dissatisfaction, sexual disorders, erotic identity development, and sex-drug linked behaviors. Mr. Vigorito has specialized training in co-occurring disorders (e.g. mental health and substance use disorders), domestic violence, mindfulness and clients living with HIV. Along with providing psychotherapy, he developed a sexual health assessment and treatment protocol with Douglas Braun-Harvey, which was published in Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior – Rethinking Sex Addiction (2016) (SSTAR 2018 Health Professional Book Award Winner). As a sexual health consultant for Behavioral Health Systems Baltimore and University of Maryland – Prevention Research Center, Mr. Vigorito designed and implemented capacity-building initiatives to integrate sexual health into mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

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