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Brian Gibney

Over the course of his adult life, Brian Gibney has worn many hats: research scientist (MA, Molecular biology; Masters, Microbiology), teacher, professional artist, performer, and parent. The common thread that has run through all of those vocations was the joy of learning, discovery, and improvement. Concurrently, he has always enjoyed sharing with others to learn their stories, hopes, and dreams, realizing that these are common elements of the human experience that bind us all together. In surrogate partner therapy I welcome the ability to utilize my unique skills, disposition, and life experiences to guide others around obstacles to emotional and physical intimacy. Brian received his training in surrogate partner therapy from IPSA (the International Professional Surrogates’ Association) in 2016 and is currently in the intern phase of his work. Under the supervision of an experienced mentor, he works with female-identifying clients to aid them in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from experiencing healthy intimate relationships.

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